American Indian Names

American Indian names are outcome of the traditional consciousness awakening of the Native American people. American Indians are the indigenous natives of American. These people are awakened and aware of their roots now and they just want to remain stuck to their culture and tradition. These people feel that they are losing their cultural heritage and identity under the influence of European culture.

Now, the American Indians just want to conserve and revive their rich culture. They just want a different racial identity and just want to manifest their rich culture and tribal past that they are proud of. They have started using traditional American Indian names to name their new born babies.     

American Indian names are the names often derived from the native tribal languages. Thru their traditional American Indian names, the natives just aim to establish their association with their respective tribal pasts. These names are usually derived from the words of the tribal languages, and often these are tribal names of warriors, leaders, religious events, festivals, names of trees, birds, etc. Traditional American Indian names are often spiritually divined, unique to each individual, and/or related to an accomplishment, rite of passage, dream, or life event.

There are numerous websites offering american indian baby names online. These sites offer a number of American Indian baby names, Native American Indian names, funny American Indian names, American Indian flowers names, American Indian names meanings, American Indian horse names, American Indian dog names, American Indian female names, American Indian baby girl names, American Indian boy names, American Indian warrior names, etc. However some of these online-sources are not authentic and reliable. Most of these sites are listing Hebrew words or several other words of unidentifiable origin.

American Indians’ idea of American Indian names is pretty good. The best idea to find a real traditional American Indian name is, consulting or speaking to an elder or religious leader in the tribal community that one is associated with.