American Indian Art

American Indian Art is specifically the art of Native American people. These people used rocks, feathers, cloth, clay, fabric materials etc. to create their artworks. American Indian Art typically includes music, pottery, paintings, jewelry, weavings, sculptures, basketry, and carvings.

American Indian music includes instrumental and vocal music. Traditional American instrumental music often includes drumming, playing rattles or other percussion instruments, and playing flutes and whistles made of wood, cane, or bone. American Indian vocal music includes a wide range of courtship songs, dancing songs, and many songs celebrating harvest, planting season or other important times of year.

American Indian pottery is beautiful and expressive art form. It served both the decorative and functional purposes. Traditionally, pottery was used as water and food storage, cooking pots and eating and drinking utensils. It was also used for ceremonial purposed, decorative purposes, and storing valuable things like beads or pearls. The pottery manifests magnificent decorative designs, images, colors, and styles. The pottery usually depicts nature, animals, birds, humans, and gods’ images.

American Indians painted everyday items like pottery, clothing, tipi covers, their caves, dwellings, and walls. They used symbols in their paintings. The earlier paintings were works in black charcoal and later in brighter colors like red and yellow. American Indian paintings depicted their life, warriors and chiefs, religious ceremonies, animals, birds such as the eagle, and ceremonial dancers. Navajo sand painting is one of the most highly regarded examples of Native American paintings. Sand paintings have long been used in religious ceremonies.

American Indians often used decorative jewelry to adorn their bodies. The used jewelry made of silver, oyster shells, gemstones, and later gold to make their jewelry. American Indian jewelry typically features their tribal symbols and designs.

American Indian Basketry or Basket weaving was a very popular art form. Reeds and cornhusks were woven together to create beautiful intricate baskets that were used for both decorative and functional purposes. These were used to carry fruits, vegetables, and other items.

Weaving, specifically blanket weaving, was very popular American Indian art form. Women weaved threads together to create fantastic colorful blankets in a rainbow of patterns and designs. The Navajo tribe is famous for their hand woven blankets.americasdsdsdsdsddsdsdsds

American Indian sculptures and carving feature their American Indian symbols, and ancestors. Often they carved and sculpted eagles, bears, prominent family members, and tribal symbols to use them as totems of their tribes. Their sculptures and carving often depict their warriors, gods, animals, and their life.